Dear Ambrose:

Dear Ambrose: In perusing the lectionary readings for Ordinary Time. I see that there are two tracks each week for the Old Testament reading and the Psalm. Can we just decide which one we want each Sunday?                            Need to know

Dear Need: Here is what the says about this topic:

“During the long green season after Pentecost, there are two tracks (or strands) each week for Old Testament readings. Within each track, there is a Psalm chosen to accompany the particular lesson.

The Revised Common Lectionary allows us to make use of either of these tracks, but once a track has been selected, it should be followed through to the end of the Pentecost season, rather than jumping back and forth between the two strands

The first track of Old Testament readings (“Track 1”) follows major stories and themes, read mostly continuously from week to week. In Year A we begin with Genesis, in Year B we hear some of the great monarchy narratives, and in Year C we read from the later prophets.

A second track of readings (“Track 2”) follows the Roman Catholic tradition of thematically pairing the Old Testament reading with the Gospel reading, often typologically—a sort of foretelling of Jesus Christ’s life and ministry, if you will. This second track is almost identical to our previous Book of Common Prayer lectionary.

Within each track there may be additional readings, complementary to the standard reading; these may be used with the standard reading, or in place of it.”

(credit to The Rev Dr. J. Barrington Bates)

Choose your track and stick with it!                                               Ambrose

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